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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

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Services offered:

Massage Therapy

Signature  Kriya Massage

Our signature Kriya Massage is one of the most relaxing styles of all  massages.  Our therapist intuitively massages in a continuous  stoke,  integrating  many holistic techniques into the massage to achieve an optimal state of relaxation, stress relief and healing.

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

Deep Tissue/ Neuromuscular Massage

Our therapist will focus on trigger points and deep tension release in the body.  The strokes are slow moving using specific deep pressure to release tension, improve flexibility, and increase mobility and circulation.

60 minutes $75

90 minutes $120

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Allow  yourself to become transported to a land of relaxation.  In our tranquil environment hot river stones are placed in specific areas to warm and relax you as you are massaged. Hot stones help open up the energy pathways in the body, helping the body heal and repair itself.

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $120

Traditional Swedish Massage

An invigorating, stimulating massage that will reduce your stress and  leave you ready to conquer your day. Excellent for athletes, also good for increasing circulation.

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $95

Kriya Pre-Natal Massage

Kriya  Pre-Natal Massage is excellent  for  the health of both baby and mother. Soothing and stress relieving for balance and harmony for body, mind and spirit.

30 minutes $35

60 minutes $ 70

90 minutes $105

Breath Work Sessions

The client is guided through specific breath patterns throughout the session.  This therapeutic breathing can help clear old stuck energy blocks, helpful in maintaining overall emotional, mental, spiritual,  physical balance, and wellbeing.

60 minutes $55

Reiki Master Healing Sessions

Reiki is life force energy, a healing  frequency that helps the client on all levels, achieve  mental, emotional, and physical balance and wellbeing. Clients remain fully clothed while receiving  this healing  energy. Benefits are too numerous to list,  many clients report  receiving  deep states of relaxation, a profound sense of inner peace, mental clarity,  guidance, insights, deepened awareness,  increased energy for  life, physical pain and symptom relief.

60 minutes $60

90 minutes $90

Reiki Integrative Massage

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $120

Reflexology Sessions

This ancient healing  therapy  offers  many benefits for over all health and healing. Specific pressure and massage is applied to points on the bottom of feet, hands, and ears to stimulate release of energetic blocks and restore the natural flow of energy in the body. Clients report receiving deep relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, and the reduction of symptoms of illnesses.

30 minutes $30

60 minutes $60

Sound Therapy Healing  Sessions

Sound instruments are used in this session to generate specific healing  frequencies of energy that are most beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. Tones are used to balance and clear chakras and the auric  field. Clients report an increased sense of wellbeing , deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace, healing benefits on all levels including physical, pain relief, renewed spirit and energy.

60 minutes $60

90 minutes $90

Guided Healing Meditation

Go on a journey  to discover and reconnect with your true authentic self. Many  receive inspiration,  insight and guidance for  their  healing  journey.

60 minutes $ 55

Ear Coning

Clears toxins and wax from ears. The entire process is very relaxing and noninvasive. Helps to maintain good ear health.

$ 30

Body Detoxification Treatments


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is responsible for the drainage of stagnant  fluids, regenerating tissues, filtering out  toxins, and immune system health. If the lymphatic system is not draining properly it can contribute to some severe ailments including edema, chronic inflammation, eczema, acne, chronic pain,  depression, stress, fibromyalgia and others.

60  minutes $70

90  minutes $105

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